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Discover a world where learning is tailored just for you. Our service transforms your chosen YouTube playlists into customized eBook summaries in 24 hours, making your journey to knowledge more focused and fulfilling. Embrace the clarity and simplicity of actionable wisdom.

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  • "Really helpful summaries, made my learning much easier!" - Alex

  • "Love how I can quickly grasp key points from long videos. I like the actionable wisdom section after every chapter. And also like all the actionable wisdom from every video compiled into appendix. " - Sarah

  • "I still prefer to watch videos when I can. But it's nice to have them written all down in one place like this. I can go back for quick reference, and also like the fact that I can click and navigate within the eBook" - Dinesh

How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Playlist: Select from public YouTube playlists or create your own.

  2. Expert Summaries: We turn your playlist into a well-crafted, summarized PDF eBook. The best in class summaries you have come to love from our site. Each chapter in the book will correspond to one video summary.

  3. Easy Navigation: Our eBooks feature a clickable table of contents and navigable links for effortless learning. And the book is elegantly typefaced for your own not taking.

  4. Bonus Transcriptions: Receive detailed transcriptions for deeper understanding.

  5. Top-Quality Guarantee: Not thrilled with your eBook? We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked refund.

Experience the Difference: For a sneak peek at what we offer, check out an actual sample book here. And you can see some free samples of our much loved summaries on the site here.

What next:

Pick you preferred package below. After the payment, you will receive a follow up instructions where we collect the YouTube playlist. And the eBook will be delivered in under 24 hours.

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